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Resin Diamond & CBN Wheel

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METAL DIAMOND & CBN WHEEL with METAL BOND. Any specification can be manufactured with drawing. For grinding Cemented carbide, Steel, Glass, Lenz, Qualtz, Ferrite, Ceramic.

Type : 1A1

Type : 1A1W

Type : 1E6Q

Type : 1FF1

Type : 1L1

Type : 3A1

Type : 4A2

Type : 4A5

Type : 4BT9

Type : 4ET9

Type : 6A2

Type : 6A9

Type : 9A1

Type : 9A3

Type : 11A2

Type : 11V2

Type : 11V9

Type : 12A2 (20*)

Type : 12A2 (45*)

Type : 12C9

Type : 12V2

Type : 12V9

Type : 14A1

Type : 14E6Q

Type : 14EE1

Type : 14F1

Type : 14U1

Other Specifications and sizes are available upon customer's requirement.